Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Communication Address: Reg add- Sribati , katwa, purba bardhaman 713514
Corporate office: Kasabgnaj chatti, basudebpally, purba bardhaman 713104


Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Children Education

We, Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation located at Sribati, katwa, Purba bardhaman, pin – 713514 have taken a responsibility to provide education for children. In that case, we build a school named ‘Rising Star Public School’ where a large group of children is taught by our trained teachers. During the year, we take short tests every month from the students.

Computer Education

From our organization, we provide computer education for the students who have a basic education. We have a computer training center ‘The Rajib Gandhi Institute of Innovative Technology. Here, for students’ benefit, we provide one computer for each student during the time of practical training. We also take extra care for the students who have poor merit.

Women’s Self Help Training

Our most result-oriented work is for women’s development. In that case, we take a special initiative for women’s basic education. To live independently, our trainers provide them training for ‘tailoring, stitching, toy making, and some other professional training. Sometimes, our organization provides raw materials if the students are the below poverty level.