Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Communication Address: Reg add- Sribati , katwa, purba bardhaman 713514
Corporate office: Kasabgnaj chatti, basudebpally, purba bardhaman 713104

Future Plan

Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

School Organization

Our organization has a plan to raise a school where the children will complete their basic education. In that regards, the school will be formed from one to ten classes. The students will have the best quality education as the teaching on every subject comes from skilled and experienced teachers.

Built Dispensary

We have a plan to build a dispensary from where our locality people will get medicines free of cost. Even the deceased people will have the opportunity for free doctor’s consultation. The patient will have benefits for the pathology test.

Hostel for Boys & Girl

In the future, we will have a plan to establish hostels for students. In that case, our hostels will have speciality for boys and girls separately. They will have superb benefits for fooding & lodging during their learning. They will even have proper guidance to build their life.

Old-age Home

We  believe that most of the people have to suffer a lot in their old age. To keep the old people happy, our next target is to build an old-age home. In this home, we take care of the old ones giving food, medicines and entertainment. We will keep them as our dearest ones.

Establishment for Law College

On behalf of Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation, we have strong determination to build a Law College. We have come to know after a great search that our present generation is suffering a lot when they take a step for Law based education. We will provide world best class law teaching with the best teachers.

ITI College

We have understood that the world is going to change day after day. To cope up with the time, we have a target to build ITI colleges for the coming generation. To take admission here, students will have full freedom. They will be guided by the best teachers.