Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Communication Address: Reg add- Sribati , katwa, purba bardhaman 713514
Corporate office: Kasabgnaj chatti, basudebpally, purba bardhaman 713104

About Us

Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Welcome to Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

We,Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation, have taken a promise to be involved in social works like education, Women’s empowerment, and health treatment.  Now, we are already running with own school for the children especially those who are backward and needy. For the benefit of the students, from time to time, we provide books, pens, exercise books them. To make women financially strong, our skilled & trained professionals provide them training on stitching & computer education 

We also are engaged in the work of people’s health. With our members and specialized doctors, we come to organize health check-up camps and eye check-up camps. We also take an initiative to organize heart & kidney treatment.  For poor patients, we help them to supply medicine free of cost. Apart from these, our organization comes to give effort on cultivation and its development. To provide a better life to farmers, we put a special farming training provided by an experienced trainer. Even, our organization helps farmers by giving seeds and fertilizers. We have been taking a great part to bring a complete change in society.

Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation is registered with the Charity Commissioner under the Indian Trust Act. 1882 and the type of NGO is Trust (Non-Government and the Registration Number is IV-190301888. The city and state of registration are Purba Bardwan and West Bengal. Our Unique Id of VO/NGO is WB/2020/0254914 and the date of registration is 28.03.2018

Janab Ali Future Foundation is going to give education voluntarily to needy children. Actually we have a target to wipe out illiteracy from our society. We keep the determination to make people healthy through health check-up camps, medicine & food distribution.  Sometimes, our members reach every house in our locality and find out the patients suffering from diseases.

Janab Ali Future Foundation has been going with some social works through children education, people’s health & medical treatment, and farmers’ development. We will have a plan to make school ( Class 1 to 10), hostels for boys & girls, Old age home and ITI Law College. We want to provide a new renovation in the society ultimately.

We, Janab Ali Future Foundation have taken a promise to renovate a new society where people from any level will get a full phase of freedom. They from their childhood will get freedom for education, free health check-up benefit, and even the opportunity for skill development. To keep people secure in their old age, we will come to keep a dream home.