Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Communication Address: Reg add- Sribati , katwa, purba bardhaman 713514
Corporate office: Kasabgnaj chatti, basudebpally, purba bardhaman 713104


Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation

Independence Day

We celebrate ‘Independence Day’ every year on 15th August. On the day, our president of the organization hoists our national flag in our learning centre . All the students including members come to meet at one point and tell the importance of the ‘Day’. Our students decorate our school with colored papers. We end the event by distributing sweets, cakes, and biscuits.

Free Eye Check-Up Camp

We organize ‘Free Eye Check-Up Camp’ from time to time in a year. On the day, we provide treatment for the eye to our students, their guardians, and some other persons residing near the locality. We also distribute ‘Spactacles’ and the ‘medicines for eye’ freely.

Hand Sanitiser Distribution

We from Janab Nazar Ali Future Foundation, take steps to distribute hand sanitizer for the people of our nearest locality from time to time. The thing is that we take determination to keep people safe from diseases caused by viruses like “Corona”. It is very good to know that we have made people conscious about the right measure of health safety.